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Terms and Conditions

  • Then follow the General conditions of use of the service of the Web site, which defined the rights and obligations of the users in the framework of the services offered on this website and its owner Deco Nobelty S.A
  • For the purposes of the application of these terms and conditions refers to user to all visitors of the website, either registered or simple browser of the site.
  • Entering the site the user declares to know, know and accept these terms and conditions
  • The terms and conditions, as well as their modifications are valid immediately to its publication on this website. The use of the site implies acceptance by the user to the amendments made to the terms and conditions. I should not accept any change or modification of these terms of use and/or privacy statement, you must not continue to use the site.
  • To use the services or make a purchase through the site it is necessary to be a registered user.
  • It refers to registered user to any natural or legal person who completed the registration steps offered in
  • Registration as user is free. It is not allowed to have 2 users with the same address. Additional users will be given down.
  • The personal information disclosed on registration is completely confidential. Deco Nobelty S.A. in no event shall disclose the information to third parties.
  • The availability of the products offered in the site, is subject to the movement daily of stock, of mode such that the product purchased can not find is in stock in that time.
  • Prices and offers of products chosen at the time of purchase are set at the time that the shipment of the order is made. Modification of order sent: to) orders shipped through wishing to be modified will be affected with the following conditions: 1) can be modified if the State in which they are permitted. (2) the articles of the asked
  • original that suffer modifications of amount will be billed with the price of the moment of the shipping of the order original. ((3) items that were not part of the order and to be added will be billed with the price and the conditions that have partners at the time of the shipment of the order modified.4) articles in the original order to be removed and returned to charge will be billed with the price and the conditions that have partners at the time of the shipment of the modified order. (5) the modifications made on the original order will always be valid user it has..
  • All prices are plus Tax.
  • The payment of the purchase is only done in national currency.
  • The means and terms of payment accepted are those described in paragraph “Payment methods” at the time of the shipment of the order.
  • The payment in cash is carried out at the time of delivery. To login as a user you will have to select the day and the range of times in which you wish to receive the order.
  • Deco Nobelty S.A has a care center specialized customer in which you can perform claims or requirements through our lines +541144631600. You can also communicate through our electronic mail
  • The photographic content is by way of illustration. In addition, displayed photographs are the property of Deco Nobelty S.A. is prohibited reproduction in whole or part without permition.
  • It is forbidden: to) link to this site from others to get pictures or information about products or services offered; (b) change, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license or create derivative works from data and information published via this web site, and thus also transfer or sell any information, software, products or services related to the same.
  • All content, graphics, format, design, user interface and other materials on the site are protected by the law of copyright and other intellectual property laws, and are property of Deco Nobelty S.A.
  • All the rights reserved. Ballou, as well as logos and advertising phrases are trademarks of Deco Nobelty S.A. all person, user or not, it is committed to respect the laws and treaties on intellectual property and other applicable laws regarding content, without limitation, texts, programs of computer, sounds, photographs, brands, advertising phrases and other materials displayed on the website.
  • Is forbidden to the user the distribution of copies of the site, as well as any other form of use that is not typical of Ballou;
  • It is prohibited to perform reverse engineering in the development or creation of other works, in any form of analysis of its Constitution, of the availability of Internet access in any direction which is not started by the e-mail address of, of the disclosure of unauthorized files and access to others of illegally releasing.
  • Deco Nobelty S.A. reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service, either permanently or temporarily, without prior notice or consent of users.
  • These terms and conditions may be modified when the user is participating in any promotion or offer.
  • The trade name of the company is Deco Nobelty S.A. and its legal address in Assembly 1072, autonomous city of Buenos Aires.
  • The minimum purchase amount is $5000 (five thousand).
  • Buy at Ballou implies the knowledge and unconditional acceptance of these conditions. (Valid for purchases made through phone and web site).
  • For any queries contact center customer to 0800-800-3326 or send us an e-mail to